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News / Archive

Here are all the news that have been posted on the homepage.
I think it's more usefull to keep the recent ones there and all the others here.

April 10, 2013

Added more works on the Logos and Illustration pages of the Portfolio.

March 21, 2013

Added work on the Logos page of the Portfolio.

May 31, 2012

Added some works on the Logos, Type and Webdesign sections of Portfolio.

november 15, 2011

A small folded program added on my Page Layout / DTP section from my Portfolio.

Added a folded program for a chamber music recital on the DTP section.

Folded program for a chamber music recital
february 17, 2011

Added my AlphaBattle Letter Works Gallery from flickr as a slideshow here on my Type portfolio. You can see some of the letters created for Lettercult. Full screen recomended

my AlphaBattle Letter Works Gallery from flickr
october 10, 2010

Did a new Traditional Drawing Digitally Colored and added to the Illustration page. It's a Leprechaun and I hope to find a Publishing House wishing to illustrate some stories with my drawings. I could even do a book cover with my Digital Calligraphy.

Leprechaun drawing
august 10, 2010

I have a Zazzle Shop with lots of beautiful objects for sale. Please take a look. (I hope your flash plugin is active)

Update: No longer available.

february 10, 2010

Added my Calligraphy Gallery from flickr as a slideshow here in Type portfolio. Full screen recomended

my Calligraphy Gallery from flickr

A new identity work (TechMediServ) added to the logos page of my portfolio.

TechMediServ logo
January 13, 2010

A new work added to the type page of my portfolio. Also added to the free download page as a wallpaper (1600 x 1200 px).

Inkscape video tutorials - digital calligraphy
January 11, 2010

Some of the videos I did while working in Inkscape are now on YouTube and in my portfolio.

Inkscape video tutorials - digital calligraphy
January 05, 2010

Digital calligraphy added to my lettering portfolio page.

Digital calligraphy

Visual Identity added to my logos portfolio page.

ArTeQ logo

Playing around in Inkscape I have done some drawings, this one showing how to color an image.

Coloring a drawing
January 04, 2010

As I play a lot lately with my Wacom Intuos graphic tablet and calligraphy, I have some results. I just needed a place to show them so I have created a page in my portfolio for type, typography, fonts and calligraphy works. You can get to it clicking here.

Calligraphic font

Another webdesign project (Mini site for a research project).

Mini site for a research project

You can check it on my webdesign portfolio page.

I also have a blog (in romanian) called pagina lui florinf (florinf's page). It's about graphic design for web and print, illustration and calligraphy. The link to it is here and the english translation, done by Google Translate is here (other languages are also available).

pagina lui florinf - blog

June 15, 2009

New work added to my portfolio pages.

A new Visual Identity created for Juris Insolvency.

Juris Insolvency Visual Identity

I have done some DVD covers, labels and booklets. Placed them in the DTP section.

Ciuleandra DVD cover Valentin Timaru - Liturghia solemnă

Another webdesign project (Eurostar) that's still "work in progress".


A new webdesign project (Cadoro Mobili) you can check on my webdesign portfolio page.

webdesign Cadoromobili furniture showroom webdesign Cadoromobili furniture showroom

January 11, 2009

More works added to my portfolio. Check the DTP, logos, illustrations and retouch pages.

More illustrations added to my portfolio. Also adding more posts to my blog.

Coloring a drawing - tutorial

   3D logo test    Ball Point Pens - vector drawings

   Buildings - vector drawings      Designers' Diploma (Certificate)   

Pinky Flo theme for Chromium browsers

Pinky Flo theme for Chromium browsers

I have done a skin (theme) Pinky Flo for Chromium browsers like Google Chrome or Iron. If you like it, you can download it from my freeware page.


december 03, 2008

I have a new blog in romanian called pagina lui florinf (florinf's page). If this link works Google Translate can be used to have it in English.

Updated my portfolio with a new logo for Webfarm. You can see it on the logos page.

Webfarm logo

Another logo and vector drawings update to my portfolio.

Ajax logo and vector drawing

Sound SlideShow created for the Cluj-Napoca Romanian National Opera.

Opera Slideshow

Completed works on 3 sites this month (June 2008). Check my webdesign page to see sample images of them.

Syncro System Cluj

Syncro System Cluj: www.syncro-system.ro

Argus Product

Argus Product Cluj: www.argusproduct.ro

Scandia Imagistica Cluj

Scandia Imagistica Cluj: www.scandia-imagistica.ro

Constantly updating (since February 2007) the Cluj National Opera site. There are posters, monthly programms and homepage images for each play, that I have to create and update.

web graohics and layout design for Trescourt Film Festival

Also did the special poster for Othello. You can check it here and also on the Opera site.


There is also another preview of this site screens in my portfolio webdesign page.

I did a booklet for the Othello play. Bellow is the inner cover. More images in my portfolio DTP/Layout page.


Had to do a 3D illustration of an exhibition/fair stander.


More images on my illustration page.


august 08, 2008

Portfolio update. New logo added to the logo page.
Also, more links added.


JUNE 18, 2008

Updated my portfolio. New websites have been done during June, added to the webdesign page.
Also added some more useful links.


May 06, 2008

Added Snap Shots.
There are little preview images now for my links.
If you don't want to see them, they can be disabled from their little window, on top right corner there is "Disable".


April 24, 2008

Had a very busy time lately. A couple of sites are still in my studio.
Meanwhile updated the Cluj National Opera site.
I also did for them a booklet, beautifully printed by ArTeQ, about the opera play Othello.
Also did an exhibition/fair stander illustration.


April 4, 2008

I have done a separate news page. Link below and in the menu.

Also updated my portfolio with new webdesign work.

I have a portfolio page on FigDig now. Also added it to my links.

Recent work

Web graphics and layout for a new site. Click on the image below to read and see more about it.

web graohics and layout design for Trescourt Film Festival


March 27, 2008

Added the homepage in romanian and also my Firefox T-shirt Contest entries in my illustration page.

My Firefox T-shirt Contest entries

These are my entries in the Firefox T-shirt Contest. I enjoyed doing them. I like Firefox very much. You can see all of them in my illustration page.

Firefox T-shirt Contest entries


March 10, 2008

Decided to participate to the Firefox 3 T-shirt Contest and did some designs.


March 8, 2008

Had a busy time. A lot of works. Short deadlines. Finally over.
: recent work or in DTP page and retouching page.

Recent work

Just finished them. Printed and delivered to the clients.

Deilani folded leaflet

Eurostar catalog


February 19, 2008

More images approved on stock sites. Great!
Check them out. The links to my galleries are on the links page.

New graphics

Take a look at my new graphics added on these stock sites.

Present vector drawingPresent vector drawing
Stock images Stock images Stock images


February 16, 2008

Uploaded on the server.
I'm online.

There is more

Here are some places where you can find more about me and my works.

Photos from Venice - that I took while visiting Venice (September 2007) for the 2007 Venice Biennial of Art. This gallery is in romanian only (I did it for relatives and friends) but images speak the universal language.

I have added a photo gallery directly into these pages with photos I took in the Ethnographic Museum.


February 12, 2008

Finally have some time to redesign my site. I'm glad I do it, because I'm always the last client on my list.
Now it's my turn. :)

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